Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association



I have always been curious about my heritage and during college, I discovered a group that soon became my family. ITASA is a group of passionate students who strive to connect college students from across the country while raising conversations about being Taiwanese. During my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to be a part of the ITASA West Coast Conference planning committee at UC Davis as the graphic designer. Over the past few years, I have also been lucky enough to work as the National Marketing Director.

2017 West Coast Conference

Our small team of college students was given a year to plan the annual West Coast Conference. This conference aims to encourage leadership while exploring the Taiwanese American identity. Together, we brainstormed the theme “Lights! Camera! Action!” which symbolizes that each person’s life is their own movie. When creating the logo, I wanted to combine Taiwanese elements as well as elements related to movies. I went through many iterations and had feedback of students who had lived in Taiwan before. Certain logos were rejected because they were political but as a result, I was able to push my design limits. Eventually, we chose the final logo: a camera with the silhouette of Taiwan as well as the Taiwanese flower, the plum blossom. I intentionally made the camera outline uneven to represent that life is not perfect and there will be bumps in the road.


I also designed the sponsorship packet, shirts, bags and the conference program. For the rest of the media, I wanted a minimalistic style that emphasized the movie theme with red accents.

ITASA Photo Scavenger Hunt Flyer

This project was for the Taiwanese American Cultural Festival in San Francisco and was one of the first things I worked on after joining the national board. I wanted the flyer to follow the ITASA branding and still be legible. The challenging part of the flyer was fitting all of the information needed but still being readable. I spent a lot of time playing around with the layout and used a typeface that took up less space.

ITASA Website Redesign

I wanted to challenge myself and redesign the current website. As of right now, the website needs visual updating as well as information updating. I redesigned the website using the ITASA branding guides and made the site look more modern. This design includes a fixed navigation bar on the left side and I want to implement a full page scroll. Click here for the full redesign. Currently, I am collaborating with others to code and update the site with my design.

Original design


During my first year on the national board, I wanted to create a t-shirt design for the entire national board. My goal was to find a way to combine Taiwanese and American cultures. My original design had mostly Taiwanese elements so I iterated more and eventually came to a design that had both. The final design has illustrations of Taiwanese elements with both English and Mandarin translations.


Social Media Graphics

These graphics were created using ITASA branding and have a minimalistic style.