UC Davis Student Affairs Marketing and Communications


I am honored to work alongside the SAMC team at UC Davis. As a graphic design intern, I help create web graphics, flyers, posters, brochures and numerous other media that help publicize events that happen on the UC Davis campus.

UC Davis Campus Store Signs

I had the opportunity to design new signs for the UC Davis Campus Store. I need to design regular store signs as well as signs for the holidays. I started by playing around with different layouts and hierarchical lists. My main goal for the sign is the focus on information which simple designs with minimal distractions. I chose the designs below as the final signs because of their legibility and the overall composition. The information is easy to comprehend at a quick glance and the placement of the colors complement each other well.


UC Davis Sports Club Posters

Another project I worked on were posters advertising UC Davis Sport Clubs. My goal was to make the posters eye catching while keeping with the UC Davis branding colors. I also wanted to convey movement with the posters and as a result, I used lines in multiple ways. The lines that frame the photo come to a point similar to an arrow. The other lines are decoration that convey movement back and forth.

Aggie Food Connection Lamp Post Banner

This project was designed for Aggie Food Connection, a service that provides students with fresh fruits and vegetables. The goal of the posters are to inform students and help reduce the stigma of asking for help. I wanted to make the posters eye catching and I used a textured background of food as well as bold typography. This banners are located around the campus dorms.


UC Davis Counseling Services Poster

This is one of my favorite projects that I worked on because it aims to help students feel confident about themselves. I needed to design a poster that encouraged students to go to counseling services if they need it. I chose to use an iPhone depicting a conversation between two friends to make the design feel relatable. I brainstormed with other interns to make the conversation and used UC Davis branding. A blurb was also included that listed the website and phone number that students can use if they needed help. This poster is found in bathrooms all over campus.