Visual identity and branding for the 2017 Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association West Coast Conference

Graphic Design, Branding, Illustration



The Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association (ITASA) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on connecting Taiwanese American college students from all over the country and increasing Taiwanese pride. Every year, ITASA holds three conferences: one in the west coast, one is the midwest and one in the east coast. These conferences are held at universities in the respective areas. The multiple day conferences have workshops, speakers, presentations and more. If a university wants to host an ITASA conference, students must submit a bid that convinces the ITASA National Board that their location is optimal. The bid is a presentation that shows qualities of the school, what activities are planned, speakers and the budget.

UC Davis’ Taiwanese American Organization submitted a bid at the 2016 West Coast Conference. My team attended the conference and gave our bid in a presentation form to the ITASA Board.

My Role

I helped plan and design assets for the conference.


To create assets including branding, clothing and printed materials for the 2017 ITASA West Coast Conference at UC Davis.


Creating the Bid

In the beginning, our small team worked to come up with a theme to present to the ITASA National Board. We had multiple ideas from mazes and spaceships to movies and fireworks. Our team decided on “Lights! Camera! Action!” which symbolizes that each person’s life is their own movie. For the presentation, I created the bid packet using graphics inspired by Hollywood.


Lights, Camera, Logo

When creating the logo, I wanted to combine Taiwanese as well as movie elements. Some iterations include movie reels, the Taiwanese flag and more.


I chose the final logo was chosen because it best represented a combination of Taiwanese and movie elements. It contains a film camera with the silhouette of Taiwan as well as the Taiwanese flower, the plum blossom. The outline of the camera is uneven to represent the ups and downs in life.



After finalizing the logo, I collaborated with other members of the team to research printing companies. We ordered drawstring bags, shirts and programs. All of the merchandise had a minimalist style so the focus would be on the Taiwanese and movie elements.