C'est La V


I worked in a small team to create “C’est La V,” a video game coded with Pico8. Our game was inspired by Sailor Moon and follows Sailor V on her journey to save the streets of Tokyo. The name “C’est La V” is a play on “Sailor V” and “C’est La Vie,” meaning “such is life.” We chose this name because sometimes things do not go as planned so you should just move on. In the game when a player dies, “C’est La V” appears onscreen encouraging the player to try again.

I worked on the art and the user experience. I researched 8-bit style art and collaborated with another to come up with art for cities, characters and weapons. We also had play-testing, where we had students play our game and give us feedback. Based on their feedback, we would make changes. One of the bigger changes I suggested was to make the game easier for players. Not everyone who plays our game will be an avid gamer and I wanted to make sure that even if players are not mechanically good, they will still enjoy the game. As a result, we lowered the amount of enemies and created more levels so players can get a feel for the beginning levels before they reach more difficult ones.