Visual identity and branding for the 2018 Youth Leadership Conference at Stanford’s Asian Liver Center

Graphic Design, Branding, Illustration



The Asian Liver Center at Stanford University is a non-profit organization that focuses on increasing awareness about chronic hepatitis B and liver cancer. JoinJade is campaign created by the Asian Liver Center aimed at ending liver cancer caused by hepatitis B.

Each year, the Asian Liver Center’s interns plan a Youth Leadership Conference for 100 high school students from all over the world. This three day overnight conference focuses on teaching high school students about chronic hepatitis B and liver cancer, how to be leaders as well having the students complete a team challenge to be presented to all of the staff. Each intern carefully mentored and watched over 10 high school students during the entire conference.

My Role

I helped plan the conference, mentored high school students and designed assets.


To create assets including branding, clothing and a handbook for the 2018 Youth Leadership Conference at Stanford University.



I worked closely with the two Conference Planning interns to come up with a theme and challenge for the conference. Every year, the challenges focuses on encouraging cultural competency and to produce outreach ideas.

We decided the theme would be Building Bridges because we wanted to make sure participants of the conference would make meaningful connections with other while learning to grow into leaders. The team challenge was for students to create a culturally appropriate outreach campaign to spread awareness of hepatitis B in a specific country that is heavily impacted by the virus.

The main assets I would be designing for the conference were shirts, name tags and a handbook, which included the schedule, speaker biographies and workshops. While I also designed hats, water bottles and bags, those items used the JoinJade branding.



Using the theme, Building Bridges, I sketched numerous ideas for the handbook and shirt.


Final Product

When designing the handbook, I wanted convey that connections can be made with people all around the world at the conference. The cover features connections as dots that connect all over the globe. Connections are also found inside the handbook as decorations on the side. The biography pages’ layout shows also shows the connection between different attendees and speakers.


The tshirt had two designs: one for the team leaders and one for the participants. For the final design of the shirt, I focused on the JoinJade logo, the jade ribbon. The participant's shirt was teal colored and I included a circle surrounding the logo to symbolize a globe to match with the theme. I also chose the circle to give the design a feeling of completeness and structure. The team leader’s shirt was white so participants could find us easily.


Photography: Wei-Han Chen