Asian Liver Center at Stanford University


My past summer was spent doing graphic design for the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University. The main campaign of the center is JoinJade: Stop hepB, stop liver cancer. My work was focused on helping spread awareness for hepatitis B through campaigns and conferences.


“We Care” Campaign, Lee’s Sandwiches X Asian Liver Center

During the beginning of my internship, I designed the proposal for the collaboration between the Asian Liver Center and Lee’s Sandwiches. My goal was to make the proposal professional and informative by having a consistent use of lines and color blocks. The proposed campaign was to have Lee’s customers put stickers on the food, take a picture and post it on Instagram while using “#leesjoinjade. The top five most liked photos would receive a prize. After Lee’s acceptance of the proposal, I brainstormed with other interns to finalize the details campaign. Finally, I led other interns by conceptualizing the campaign, taking promotional pictures and creating the final poster. I created an eye-catching visual that encourages the viewer to focus on the phone and coffee.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 11.21.44 AM.png

Vietnamese Music and Health Fair

The Vietnamese Music and Health Fair was another project that I had the privilege to work on. I designed flyers, signs and even created an animation. The goal of the fair was to conduct free hepatitis screening, advocate for the importance of getting vaccinated and promoting the JoinJade campaign. I needed to create an informative, yet fun designs to encourage people to attend the event. I designed a colorful flyer with inspiration from festivals and included playful crowns on the signs. I also had the opportunity to animate the flyer for a promotional video.


Youth Leadership Conference

The central project of my internship involved the Asian Liver Center’s annual Youth Leadership Conference. This event caters towards high school students from around the world and aims to teach them about leadership while raising awareness for hepatitis B. One hundred students would stay at the Stanford dorms and attend three full days of speaker presentations, workshops and activities. Throughout the conference, participants will also work on a team challenge which will be presented on the final day. The Youth Leadership Conference was planned solely by the interns and we worked hard to make it a success. I brainstormed with two other interns and created the theme, “Building Bridges.” With the theme in our mind, we wanted to make sure participants of the conference would make meaningful connections with others while learning to grow. For this conference, I created designs for t-shirts; name tags; hats; water bottles; and handbooks, which included the schedule, speaker biographies, workshops and other important information.

Designing the conference t-shirts was the biggest learning experience of the internship. The director of the Asian Liver Center did not like my chosen design after many iterations. I conversed with other interns and asked their opinions as well. I was very passionate about my chosen design so I gave a presentation to the director on why my design should be used. I emphasized the importance of my design and eventually, we came to a compromise. The final t-shirt would have my chosen design on the front and have a simplified design on the back.

For the final design, wanted to focus on the Asian Liver Center’s logo, the jade ribbon. I included a circle surrounding the design to give the feeling of completeness and structure. I also incorporated the name of the conference, location and date.


When designing the handbook, I wanted to convey that at the conference, connections can be made with people all around the world. On the cover, connections are shown on the globe and in the title as well. Connections are also found inside the handbook as decorations on the side. The biography pages’ layouts show different people connecting. After designing the pages, I also researched different prices and printers.


Although designing can be challenging, nothing was more challenging than being a team leader. All interns attended the conference and mentored 10 participants. I guided my students through the team challenge and helped them if they had any questions. However, it was rewarding watching my students present their challenge and incorporate the skills that they learned from the speakers.